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AdoctA, marketing survey platform


It's time to get things done.
It is time to understand that those who dare, those undertaking, those who believe in their dreams, deserve our support.

It is time to help great projects to get real.
Marketing is key for project success : understand the market , understand its stakeholders is the first step .
comes thereafter the definition and implementation of the offer , its prices, its distribution channels , its promotion , understanding its target. Many points throughout the project life will see many questions arising and and decisions making will not be that easy..

Thus how can we help project leaders or entrepreneurs to make the right choices ?

With AdoctA , we've decided to provide them with a full and comprehensive tool that will help them understand their market: a marketing survey platform.For years, only major companies have been able to get benefits from this kind of tools. Because solutions were expensive, time consuming and complex. Thus, we’ve build AdoctA as an affordable, fast and easy to use service. For a few bucks, in a few hours, via internet, an entrepreneur, whether he is in a startup or a public company, can now get answers to HIS questions. Thousands of panelists already involved in this platform and are ready to voice their opinions as a simple consumer , citizen or professional .

Very often, in fact , the problem is not to share a survey online but to find people who are likely to answer ... profiles have to be consistent with your subject and your market target.... it cannot be just your step-mother , your neighbor or your network friends!

AdoctA can thus be used to get feedback on a website, communication tool, product or service, price, visual, a concept, an idea ... almost everything in fact. The wealth of collective intelligence is powerfull... You just need to ask !

Competitive advantages using AdoctA

• " on-demand " surveys and consumers focus groups - fast to create, fast to launch, fast to get answers...
• comprehensive, " end to end " surveys with a single solution , including the recruitment of respondents in the requested target (panelists)
• a broad base of qualified panelists
• constant monitoring of the quality of the respondents
• analyzes answers in real time
• simple pricing , transparent and attractive
• a "money back guarantee " approach

Within hours, you'll get answers to your questions on marketing strategy, marketing mix (Product, Place, Promotion, Price, People , Process ) :
• What is my target and what is its behavior?
• What are the factual attributes required for my product or service?
• What is the best marketing "message" for my product?
• What packaging to choose?
• What type of distribution channel to prioritize?
• At what price should I sell?
• What is the perceived value of my offer ?
• How do my potential customers perceive my website?
• ...

Understanding your market, your prospects and clients is key!


A unique survey service for SMB


AdoctA was born in May 2013 under the leadership of its two founders: Pierre Barreaud and Jean-Michel Fabre. Serial-entrepreneurs, we like projects, businesses stories and entrepreneurs.

We faced many times the need to survey our "market"... But we lacked the financial means to use the services of specialized companies, and we often faced too long and complex process. As many entrepreneurs, we wanted fast, flexible, responsive and affordable surveys :-)


They did not know it was impossible, so they did it!   (Mark Twain)

Early 2013 , decision is taken ... we imagine and develop , which aims to meet the needs and constraints of entrepreneurs like us!
AdoctA will be a comprehensive online surveys service without compromising the standard "offline" benefits : selection of customized panels , quota sampling method , results available on real-time and exportable to Excel, etc.
AdoctA will be an affordable service to all entrepreneurs , SMB, and any " project manager ".
AdoctA creates a community of panelists turned toward a common goal: to help great projects to get real. AdoctA recruits them via modern tools ( emailing, social networks ...) so they can respond quickly to project managers surveys.
AdoctA meets the constraints of the " project managers ": flexible in creating surveys for non-marketing professionals, with full support of the entire process : panel selection, questionnaires management, panelists' compensation, results' production...

Since then, AdoctA is a success story that helps success stories !



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