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AdoctA provides you with a fast, comprehensive and affordable way to handle your marketing surveys online.
Very easily, you can create your surveys, recruit panelists to complete your questionnaires and analyze the results.
Our pricing includes a "freemium" mode, offering you for free all the features necessary for simple surveys and/or to try our platform.

Our commitment : "Money back guarantee" !

On your request, we will refund your survey costs if you are not satisfied with the service we provided (outside the strict amount of compensation that we have to pay to the panelists who have answered your survey).

Features and Prices

  AdoctA Survey   Omnibus Survey
Online questionnaires   Online survey
  Online survey
  Online survey
    Free   67 cents per questionnaire minute   500 $ per question
    Surveys with YOUR contacts are free.   Survey price is based on the compensation AdoctA will pay to panelists answering your survey.   You add your questions to one of the pooled monthly AdoctA surveys (Omnibus-customers).
Panelists origin
AdoctA enables you to get answers from AdoctA panelists (public survey) OR your contacts (private survey)
  Your contacts
(your customers, your prospects, your employees...)
  AdoctA panelists   AdoctA panelists (pre-packaged panels selections)
Unlimited number of panelists       1000 panelists
Unlimited number of customized or pre-packaged questions      
Free test      
Access to AdoctA pre-packaged panels   --    
Access to AdoctA template surveys      
Questionnaire broadcast   You (private mode)   AdoctA   AdoctA
Panelists compensation payment   --   AdoctA   AdoctA
Access to results - HTML, Excel or PDF      


  AdoctA Search
Consumers meetings (focus groups)   Offline meeting
    15 $ per panelist
    For offline meetings that you organized, you use AdoctA to recruit panelists, and pay for each recruited panelist.
Panelists origin
Number of panelists   Unlimited
Unlimited number of customized or pre-packaged questions  
Free test  
Access to AdoctA pre-packaged panels  
Questionnaire broadcast   AdoctA
Panelists compensation payment   You

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AdoctA Server

You can use AdoctA platform as white brand
You have your own panelists database or contacts list : you can use AdoctA engine to deploy your own online surveys.
You can customize interface with your logo, colors....

As an AdoctA Server "Administrator", you can manage several users accounts

AdoctA Server is priced as an annual fee of 500 USD per user.

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I want to test the cover of my next book with an online survey - AdoctA Survey

I created a questionnaire dedicated to my customer target. One of the questions proposed is a vote of the different possible covers.
I'm looking for 50 reviews from women between 25 and 40 yo, housewife, "fan of kitchen TV"
I prepare a selection questionnaire to get answers from this kind of profile ( 4 questions)
I define my survey questionnaire.
AdoctA computed an estimated survey time of 5 minutes by panelist.

Cost for this survey is: 0.66 USD x 5 x 50 = 165 USD excl. taxes
I only want to recruit panelists for a meeting - AdoctA Search

I will take care to handle the survey itself as a phone interview with each panelist. I will manage the panelist compensation process.
I'm looking for 30 bikers living in large cities, available for 30' phone call ( selection questionnaire = 3 questions)

My "recruitment" survey will cost: 10 USD x 30 = 300 USD excl. taxes and I'll get panelists data (email, id, phone number...) of 30 panelists who have succeeded the selection questionnaire.


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