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AdoctA Search

Organize your offline focus group...

An Adocta Search helps you organizing an offline meeting.
You want to set up a consumers focus group, or a phone interviews campaign... so you need to find out panelists: with AdoctA Search, you are going to recruit your panelists....
Based on your criteria, AdoctA will offer you candidates, and will choose among them those you want for your offline survey.


• You define the panelists you're looking for with a selection questionnaire
Number of questions are unlimited.
Questions are 100% customizable : open/closed/semi-closed questions, matrix, top3...
You can also use our pre-packaged questions library.

• You choose the number of panelists, the look & feel of your questionnaires...
At any time, you can try your questionnaire with friends or colleagues.
When your survey is ready, you can "confirm" it... Your survey is sent to AdoctA's experts team for validation

• AdoctA team checks your survey, may give you some advises before validation...
As soon as you survey is validated, your questionnaire is sent to AdoctA thousands of panelists.


Each panelist succeeding in your selection questionnaire becomes a "candidate". Your dashboard show you al the candidates, and you can select those you want for your meeting.

How much does it cost?

Cost is 15 $ per panelist you finally select.
You receive by email full profile data (especially email & phone number) of the panelists you selected.

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