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AdoctA Survey Freemium

Your marketing survey from A to Z...

100% online marketing survey, from panelists selection to results collection.

How ?

• You define your survey questionnaire

• You also define an optionnal selection questionnaire to filter panelists who'll have the right to answer your survey.
(100% customizable questions / quotas sampling methode / pre-packaged AdoctA panels)

• You choose the number of panelists, the look & feel of your questionnaires...

At any time, you can test your survey with friends or colleagues.

When your survey is ready, you can "confirm" it... Your survey is sent to AdoctA's experts team for validation

• AdoctA team checks your survey, may give you some advises before validation...
As soon as your survey is validated, we provide you with the URL link to send to your contacts.

Results collection

Panelists who're successfull in passing your selection questionnaire answer your survey.
Your survey Dashboard is available as soon as the first answer is recorded!

How much does it cost?

It's FREE :-)
(because you will use your own contacts and not the AdoctA panelists)




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