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Becom a panelist and participate to surveys


Becoming an AdoctA panelist is a unique opportunity to help entrepreneurs projects by answering marketing surveys. A fun way to discover brand new project AND to get compensation...
Get extra cash... It's easy, fast, safe
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Become a panelist and participate in surveys

Simply register as a panelist and fullfill your profile. Note that the more data you provide, the more you can be contacted to answer surveys.

Safe personal data

Note that your data are safe at AdoctA (your password is encrypted). We obey legal and regulators recommendations.
Also, we are committed not to sell your data for advertising purposes.


Professional or Consumer?

Project managers who conduct surveys may be interested in your consumer or citizen profile but also in your professional profile. Do not hesitate to give information about your industry and job. Your "professional" answers have a great value.

Get money by answering surveys

Regularly , AdoctA will offer to participate surveys :
Online paid surveys ("AdoctA Survey") They take place in two steps. An initial "selection" questionnaire about you to ensure that you match the requested Entrepreneur target for his/her survey. Then the survey itself if you pass the selection questionnaire. Everything is "online".
Your compensation will be precised for each survey before you start to answer. Now that it has been computed by AdoctA when Entrepreneur created his survey and is based on a estimate of the time you'll need to answer the survey (and a base amount of 20 $ per hour).     
Focus groups recruitment ("AdoctA Search") The Entrepreneur wants to organize a "Focus group" meeting or phone interview. He/she uses AdoctA to "recruit" participants for his/her offline survey.
Your compensation is defined by the Entrepreneur, and varies based on the searched panelists profile and the requested attendance time (average of 20 $ / hour).     

At any time, you can check your compensations in your Dashboard screen. As soon as you reach 80 $, you may ask for a bank check payment from AdoctA.

Best practices

The value of a survey is based on the value of the respondents and the quality of their answers. We recommend you take your time to answer, be sincere and provide detailed answers when required. Know that AdoctA implemented many control process to ensure the quality of the panel and to prevent fraud. Also know that responding to any AdoctA survey, you are bound by a confidentiality clause. In the event of non-compliance, we will cancel your compensation.


Refer new panelists or bring new projects and earn!

You can refer new panelists or new entrepreneurs.
• You get 1 $ each time one of your referred new panelist achieved his first survey on AdoctA.
• You get 10% of the surveys amounts a new entrepreneur spends during 1 year... and his/she also benefits from a 10% discount during 1 year! Everybody wins!

How to refer ?

As soon as you register on AdoctA as a panelist, your referrer code is computed
What is important to remember ( and to broadcast ) , is your referrer code: it is displayed at all times on your Referred dashboard screen.
This code must be entered by the panelist or the entrepreneur when he/she registers on AdoctA .

You may also want to share a direct link to AdoctA web site with your referrer code (and enable your panelist or entrepreneur to be automatically recognized as your referred new user). Use your personal and professional network , just spread the word!
If you are registered on networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, make everyone knows about AdoctA AND your referrer code - do not forget that the entrepreneurs you may refer also benefit from a 10% discount for ONE full year if he uses your code when registering!

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