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Entrepreneurs: achieve online surveys


Our goal

To be able to answer quickly, easily and at minimal cost to the questions that you may have as an entrepreneur .
In a few hours , maybe a few days for more complex subjects, we are able to provide answers to your questions about a marketing strategy, marketing mix (Product, Place, Promotion, Price, People , process) :
• What is my target and what is its behavior?
• What are the factual attributes required for my product or service?
• What is the best marketing message for my product?
• What packaging to choose?
• What type of channel distribution?
• At what price ?
• What is the perceived value of my offer ?
• How are my competitors considered?
• How is my website perceived by my potential customers?
• ...




Easy and fast

Our goal with AdoctA is to simplify the implementation of a marketing survey.
Within a few hours, you can launch a survey, gather the opinions of panelists and analyze their answers.



Who is this service for?

To all projects managers. They are entrepreneurs, managers, marketing director of startups or SMB or why not a large group. Finally, all those who need facts to make decisions ..



Your satisfaction is key

This is our commitment with our : " Money back guarantee" !
Excluding compensation to panelists who answered the survey , on your request , we will refund your survey costs if you are not satisfied with the service we provided.  

Flexible and adaptable

You want to use tens of thousands of our panelists ? We're ready.
You prefer to distribute your survey to your own list of contacts? We're ready.
You want to ask a specialized ready-to-use AdoctA panel ? We're ready.
You want to define your own custom panel from tens of thousands of panelists available in the AdoctA panelists community? We're ready.
You want the survey to be managed "online" by AdoctA , without worrying about the logistics? We're ready.
You want to organize your own survey (focus group in the office, phone interviews...) or with your own survey tool ? We're ready.
You do not want to handle the issue of compensation to panelists and let AdoctA take care of it? We're ready.


Our offer

Online AdoctA Survey This is the typical AdoctA survey: you set the questionnaire survey and define the panelists who will have the right to answer (using a "selection" questionnaire)). You set the number of panelists that should answer your survey. AdoctA computes a fair compensation for panelists, based on your questionnaires (1 to 5 dollars in general). Each panelist who passes the selection questionnaire answered the online questionnaire survey. You have access any time to the answers, statistics, analyzes and can export data in html, xls or pdf format.
FREE online AdoctA Freemium At AdoctA we love entrepreneurs, business projects ... so we offer any project manager to post surveys without spending a cent. An Adocta Survey becomes free as soon as you use your own contacts list... it's as simple as that!
AdoctA price list is only based on AdoctA panelists compensation.
On line Omnibus Survey On a regular basis, we launch AdoctA Omnibus Surveys... you can add you own question(s) to one of these surveys... As panelists selection costs are shared between customers, your final cost is reduced!
AdoctA Server (white label) You can use AdoctA platform for your own online surveys needs, using your own panel, and customize all questionnaires to your prefered look and feel, include questionnaires into your web site pages, etc.
Recruitment for focus groups (AdoctA Search) You want to organize by yourself an "off-line" focus group or phone interviews - you will use AdoctA to "recruit" panelists. You set (only) the selection questionnaire. You can then acquire all or part of the selected panelists and manage with them your own survey via a focus group or interviews.

   Estimate your survey cost    More info about price list...    More info about surveys...

Toutes les données INSEE... gratuitement

Nous avons compilé les dizaines de millions de données de l'INSEE pour vous...

Gratuitement, calculez votre potentiel de clientèle en croisant les indicateurs INSEE les plus récents, préparez votre questionnaire d'étude AdoctA par quotas, ou encore préparez votre redressement de résultats en quelques clicks.

   Accédez aux données INSEE

Free credits for you to pay your surveys!

You can finance your own surveys using credits associated with your account AdoctA .
How to get credits ?

1- Refer new entrepreneurs:
Recruit new entrepreneurs and have them register on AdoctA. Each time one of your " referees" pays a survey on AdoctA, you get 10 % of the amount as credits... for one year following the date of registration of your referee! You can then spend your credits on your own surveys ...

How to refer an entrepreneur ?
• A Referrer code is automatically computed for you when you register and is available at any time in your dashboard.
• When registering on AdoctA, your " referee " just needs to specify your Referrer code: from that moment and for one year , you will receive 10 % of the amounts he / she will spend on AdoctA.
10% also for your referees... !
Everyone wins ... Your referee gets automatically and during one year 10 % discount on all his/her surveys costs.

2-  Refer new panelists
Recruit new panelists and have them register on AdoctA. As soon as tey finished to answer their first survey, you get 1 $ as credit.

How to refer a panelist?
• A Referrer code is automatically computed for you when you register and is available at any time in your dashboard.
• When registering on AdoctA, your " referee " just needs to specify your Referrer code.

3- Answer to surveys!
You're an Entrepreneur... but you can also answer to others' surveys!
Each time you will answer to an AdoctA survey, you'll receive the survey compensation as a Credit in your AdoctA Entrepreneur account.

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